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Si l’on utilise un micro sony sur la griffe multi-interface comme le ECM-B1M, alors l’écran arrière ne pourra pas se retourner et on pourra utiliser un des griffes déportées avec un bras magique pour installer un retour écran soit sur un moniteur externe soit sur l’application Imaging edge mobile sur votre smartphone, On peut également installer de petits éclairages comme un panneau Godox ou un Lumecube, As usual , Smallrig is offering an extended range of accessories specially designed for each new Sony product.Those ones specially designed for the A6600 are also compatible with the extended catalogue of standard SmallRig products like the handles , Monitor holder, Cable clamps…, Among the 3 tested, my preference goes this time to the L Bracket for Sony A6600 LCS2503 (50$), that offers the Arca Swiss compatibility and a very well design left panel with a shoe and plenty of hole to fix accessories, The Cage for Sony A6600 CCS2493 (156$), is very good and will be the most convenient for mounting big accessories like external screen or a top handle, Finally the Shoe Mount Relocation Plate for Sony a6600 Camera BUC2498 (28$) is ideal for mounting a small external mic with jack and a small light like a Lume cube. [See the Sony 20mm F2.8 on Amazon / Adorama], Sony FE 24mm F1.4 GM: At 24mm, you actually get some very interesting choices. It has a great range of features including Real-time Eye AF for humans and animals, plus Eye AF for humans in video mode. 25 items found Showing 1 to 24. In the coming months, our full review and set-up guide for the Sony A6600 will be published. JJC Intervalometer Timer Remote Control Shutter Release for Sony ($24 at Amazon). Sony a6000 Case (Half Body) | Sony Just-Fit. Categories . I’m not a fan of the slippery metallic body and sharp edges of Sony cameras, so the first Sony accessories … Compared to the A7iii, it has the advantage of the selfie-LCD. The great thing about a small camera like the Sony A6600 is that you don’t need a big bulky tripod — there are small portable tripods that are easy to carry in a small camera bag. To the extent the Sony A7iii complete kit may cost a little more, most people would find the large gains outweigh the price differences. Copyright 2019, Photography tips, articles and reviews from a Sony photography enthusiast, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), this bundle includes the Sony A7iii with Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8, NP-FW50 RAVPower Camera Batteries Charger(with 2 batteries), Bryan Peterson’s “Understanding Exposure.”, Sony A6100 and A6600 Excitement and Disappointment, Sony A6600 recommended lenses and accessories, Programming instant reaction button on the Sony A7riii, A7iii and A9, Recommended Sony A6400 lenses and accessories, Sony FE 12-24mm F/4 G at Universal Studios, Sony FE 24mm F1.4 GM at Universal Studios, Rokinon Samyang 85mm F 1.4 Review for Sony, Sony 10-18 F/4: Until now, this was my favorite Sony aps-c zoom lens. But there are indeed some small lenses (especially if you adapt lenses) that don’t have optical stabilization. Find great deals on Sony camera in Chattanooga, TN on OfferUp. End of support notification for products using the Windows 7 operating system. Video Eye-AF: Continuing the video advantages of the A6600, all of the recent cameras share virtually identical autofocus systems but the  A6600 is the only camera to offer eye-af in video. Announced in August 2019, it replaces the three-year-old A6500 as Sony’s flagship body and like that model, follows the most recent … Il prend toute son utilité si l’on utilise un micro externe sur entrée jack pour du Vlog/mode selfie. As I said above, I think it’s very specific shooters who should choose the Sony A6600 over both the A6400 and the A7iii. Find Your Gear. As an equivalent to a full frame 128mm lens, it can be an interesting short telephoto lens. It has multiple 1/4″ holes for mounting extra accessories if you want, It has an integrated cold shoe for mounting e.g. See all Camera Mounts, Grips & Stabilizers. Costing $150 more than the A6100, the Sony A6400 offers a number of small advantages. Built-in Flat Screwdriver. The Sony A6600 is an upper mid-range mirrorless camera with a 24 Megapixel APSC sensor, built-in stabilisation, 4k video, 11fps bursts with autofocus, and increased battery life. I limited the list to lenses that include autofocus, to take advantage of the excellent autofocus system on the A6600. Le montage de la cage sur le boitier est aisé et se fait avec un vis plate magnétique qui se clipse sur le bas de la cage. [See the. Product Alerts. Store Locator. But if you are looking to keep the weight of your kit down and are carefully choosing the best light-weight lenses (which may not have stabilization), then the A6600 may be for you. Sum of A6600 advantages over the A6400: So for 50% more cost, you add a couple of video advantages, IBIS, larger battery, larger grip, and a couple more custom buttons. This Value Bundle comes with a Sony a6600, Flashpoint Zoom Mini R2 Speedlight, Tamrac Jazz Shoulder Bag, SanDisk Extreme PRO Memory Card, Green Extreme NP-FZ100 and a Green Extreme GX-CH1 and more... and … Of the three cameras being discussed here, it’s the only one that offers video eye-AF. Select a retailer to shop Sony lenses and accessories. These intervalometers will work with all Sony a6000, a7 & a9 Series cameras. SmallRig designs, manufactures and retails best Sony A6600 cage accessory, diy A6600 camera cage with affordable price for camera operator. Find out now by reading our in-depth Sony A6600 review, … SmallRig Cage for Sony A6600 CCS2493 is designed to provide protection and mounting threads for accessories such as monitors, microphones, lights and handles. The Blackrapid is a bit less bulky if you want to keep things compact. Or perhaps you even own one of the other Sony APS-C Cameras – the Sony a6100, a6300, a6500 or a6600. The best small and lightweight flash for Sony cameras is the Godox TT350s. Dust will result in landscape photos with black spots in your skies. Purchase Parts and Accessories. Beyond both sharing similar Sony DNA in their bodies, the two cameras will give you very similar experiences in many ways: Beyond being 25% cheaper than the Sony A7iii body, the Sony A6600 offers a few real distinct advantages over the A7iii: [See the Sony A7iii on Amazon / Adorama ]. If you want the Sony 16-55mm F/2.8 and then want to get it stabilized, you need the Sony A6600. The Peak Design offers a bit more flexibility in different configurations and may be preferable if you are using heavier lenses. I wouldn't bother upgrading to a A7, unless I wanted to print images larger than A3. The cage secures to the bottom of the camera via the bottom 1/4”-20 screw and M2.5 screw to prevent twisting. The Sony A6100 is a cheapened form of the A6400: lower quality electronic viewfinder, less weather sealing, one less custom button, slightly smaller buffer for burst shooting, and poorer video features (lack of picture profiles). Where to Buy. Shipping and local meet-up options available. $250.00. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; RRP £250.00 (incl. However it won’t accept additional accessories like handle or external monitor. DMF: The Sony A6600 focuses on your subject and allows you to fine-tune your focus area further using the manual focus ring on the lens. The Sony a6600 will be available on November 29th, 2019, at a suggested price of $1400/€1600 body-only, and $1800/€2000 with an 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 kit lens. It’s long been stated that aps-c is cheaper than full frame but this gap in price is closing. Sony released an excellent full frame FE 35mm F/1.8, which can make sense if you want lenses that you plan to interchange between aps-c and full frame. Sporting a revised 24.2MP CMOS sensor, the a6600 is capable of producing high-resolution photos and up to UHD 4K video with no recording time limit, more … My main gripe when switching from a Nikon DSLR to Sony mirrorless cameras (Sony a7R III & Sony a7 III was the significant downgrade in ergonomics.The Sony a7 III may be the most technologically advanced full frame camera on the market, but it still feels pretty awful to hold!. I’ve often traveled on vacation with the Sony A6300, a couple of lenses and the Gorillapod. Une fois montée on peut monter/démonter les objectifs sans problèmes, Elle peut s’écarter de quelques cm pour laisser passer de gros cables, Elle a de nombreux trous 1/4″ pour le montage d’accessoires, Elle a un support pour griffe ISO intégré pour le montage d’un micro ou d’un panneau LED. Sony PZ E 18-105mm F4 G OSS on a full frame, Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Sweet Optics, Petzval 80.5mm F1.9 Mark II, Bokeh Control, APO-Makro-Plasmat 105 f2.7 by Meyer Optik, Primoplan 58mm F1.9 by Meyer Optik Görlitz, Samyang 35mm F2.8 AF (vs Sony Zeiss 35mm F2.8), Laowa 105mm F2 T3.2 STF (Smooth Trans-Focus), Voigtländer 110mm F2.5 Macro Apo Lanthar, Which Lenses are the sharpest for a A6xxx, Sigma 16mm F1.4 DC DN Contemporary (APS-C), Sony Wireless Triggers FA-WRC1M & FA-WRR1, Hähnel NP-FZ100 chargers for A7III,A7RIII, A9, Kase K150P filter holder kit for Sony 12-24 F2.8 GM, NiSi S5 filter holder for Sony 12-24mm F4 G, NiSi S6 filter holder for Sony 12-24 F2.8 GM, SmallRig : L-shape wooden grip for Sony RX100, SmallRig : 6 solutions for mounting your external screen, iShoot Arca Swiss Tripod lens collar foot, Leofoto LS-324C Ranger tripod with LH-40 Ball Head, Leofoto LX-254CT Urban tripod with XB-32 Ball Head, Leofoto LS-223C small tripod + LH25 ballhead, Leofoto MP-285C Monopod + base VD-02 + head VH-20, Leofoto base & clamps : LB-68 / LR-50 / RH-1L / DC-38Q / SC-50, Leofoto UC-01 – Umbrella clamp for tripod, Shoe Mount Relocation Plate for Sony a6600 Camera BUC2498, SmallRig Universal Wooden Side Handle 2093, SmallRig 1947 Right side Wooden grip with Arri rosette, SmallRig L Bracket for Sony A6600 LCS2503, SmallRig Shoe mount relocation plate BUC2498, fournir une protection pour votre boitier, améliorer la préhension du boitier si vous avez de grandes mains (le boitier étant petit). Find replacement remote controls, parts and accessories. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You can also install some small light like a Godox led panel or a Lume Cube on the top shoe, L’accessoire est très bien conçu et est prévu pour être installé de manière permanente (puisque on doit enlever les attaches d’origine). It is light weight, reasonably compact while still being big enough for you get hold comfortably. The way in which these two sensors are structured constitutes a more interesting difference. The Sony a6600 is the company's top-of-the-line APS-C mirrorless camera, with 24MP of resolution and 4K video capture. To mount it you need to remove the aluminum triangle strap holder that comes with the camera and fix the accessory with 2 M2.5 screw (provided). Even though it doesn’t use any internal power whatsoever, the mic delivers much better audio quality than the built-in mic on the camera itself. The Sony Alpha A6000 and the Sony Alpha A6600 are two digital cameras that were revealed to the public, respectively, in February 2014 and August 2019. Discover the a6600 / α6600 premium E-mount APS-C camera from Sony & explore all the Cameras features. Further information on the two cameras (e.g. So what are the best lenses to add to a Sony A6600, without having to worry about stabilization. Find Sony Cameras, Lenses and Accessories online or at a trusted retailer near you. Looking for a Sony A5100 vs Sony A6600 comparison? Back to Product. I have previously made my recommendations for the Sony A6400. With an eye towards keeping the Sony A6600 system fairly compact, the following items really should be part of your A6600 kit. On the downside for some people, you increase the weight and lose the built-in flash. The Sony A6600 is an upper mid-range mirrorless camera with a 24 Megapixel APSC sensor, built-in stabilisation, 4k video, 11fps bursts with autofocus, and increased battery life. Preț recomandat 3.899,00 LEI. This is a fine line. As a photography camera the a6600 is a fantastic camera. This is true for all camera kits, they include a poor cheap strap. If you’re buying the A6600 over the A7iii, then I’m going to assume you value size. (The Sony A6600 is scheduled to be released in late November, I’ve had the opportunity to do a little bit of shooting with it but I will fully review it after its release). But the image quality of this lens is decent when shooting in good light. All three of the most recent models will shoot 11 frames per second. The Fuji model has slightly more resolution: 26.1MP versus 24.2MP on the Sony. UPDATED: September 27, 2020 / ORIGINAL: March 29, 2016. They share the same touch screen LCD, the same autofocus system. Adorama Camera. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; While the professional may not mind lugging around 20 pound packs on safari, shooting a crop camera can give professional-level reach into small camera bodies. I gave no direct consideration into whether the lens was full frame or aps-c, but I did prioritize the lenses being small and light weight, and therefore generally preferred aps-c optimized lenses. amzn_assoc_linkid = "fefbc5f559581e450d1c54cd1c3d79b5"; For example, this bundle includes the Sony A7iii with Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 and other accessories for under $2900. Discover the a6600 / α6600 premium E-mount APS-C camera from Sony & explore all the Cameras features. Learn how your comment data is processed. Until now, I recommended that serious Sony aps-c shooters just stick to full frame telephoto lenses. And no camera will ever be smart enough to create amazing artistic photographs at the push of a button. When subjects are in motion, AF points densely positioned around the subject are activated for accurate tracking. Shooting something like a 35mm F/1.8 will give an image approximately equivalent to a full frame 50mm F/2.8. For example, this bundle includes the Sony A7iii with Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 and other accessories for under $2900. [See the, Sony 70-350mm F4.5-6.3 G: For years, the kit telephoto zoom for Sony was the horrible Sony 55-210mm lens, a cheap and light weight lens that offered mediocre image quality at best. This article will be a bit different. Main Results. [See the, Sigma 56mm F1.4 DC DN: In the 50mm range, there are a number of good full frame and aps-c choices. For the Sony A6600, this could be a good “sometimes lens” if you don’t want to invest in the 16-55/2.8 and you intend to largely shoot prime lenses. The Sony FE 24mm F/1.4 GM is a full frame lens and actually one of the best lenses made by Sony. The A6600 lets you add stabilization to those lenses, without stepping up to the size of a full frame body. If your goal is the best image quality with the best lenses, you may as well go to full frame, since you won’t save significant money or weight with the A6600. The A6600 is less expensive. Once installed you can install and switch lenses easily, is a nice handle for low angle shooting , it has a cold shoe to fix a microphone or an external EVF and multiple holes for any other accessories you want, (79$) will be ideal for the A6600. Mounted you can still access the battery door and the door for HDMI / mic jack, La Cage for Sony A6600 CCS2493 (156$ , 139g) a 3 fonctions principales. It saves you a little weight and a little money compared to the full frame options and gives the aps-c shooter a really fantastic amount of reach. Sony a5000 mirrorless camera. Combining Sony's excellence in audio and visual technology with a relentless drive to deliver world-class craftsmanship, intelligence and performance in smartphones, the Xperia XZ and X Compact represent the ultimate in Sony Xperia's state-of-the-art camera, video and audio capabilities. As you have used the original place for shoulder strap the plate come with its own strap support, There are also other models with only a left shoe relocation BUC2497 or a right shoe relocation BUC2496 but I do not recommend them as they are being installed using the camera hotshoe and preventing the use of it, Le Shoe Mount Relocation Plate for Sony a6600 Camera BUC2498 (28$, 20g) est conçu pour avoir 2 supports griffe ISO déportés pour ne pas devoir utiliser celui du boitier qui si il est utilisé fait obstruction à l’écran en mode selfie.

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