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we saw your truck yesterday in Arica, but you passed so fast… we are travelling by bicycle… ;) Teaching English as a second language when possible. dare2go's human navigator (we're not lost because there's nowhere particular we have to be) alongside our Nexus 7 tablet, writer and editor of our blog, first cook and loving wife. There is still not much that’s very cheap at the free trade zone (we were seriously checking out laptop prices – we found them later much cheaper in regular retail shops in Arica); they are still trying to make their historic centre nice, and a lot of the buildings are still badly in need of renovation. Saltpeter extraction works, like this one, initiated a boom for the Atacama desert and finally led to a war, which Chile won. Image by jmarti20 from Pixabay. Updated: 08th March 2018. Stroll through this city and you will find public art, green spaces, several museums, and plenty of cafes for a rest. Meet Yasha and Juergen. Walking in and out of this museum almost brought a tear to my eye. It really dwarfs the whole city. Here you can spot the Cerro Castillo, a jutting, 2,675-metre-tall peak named fo… It is a hill located in northern Santiago, Chile. Here somebody lovingly lined up some old pots, jars, and rusty tools on a white washed wall. Wow, this looks like an amazing place to visit. It runs from Colchane (3700m) on the Bolivian border to Huara (1000m), just east of Iquique. One of the Azapa olive plantations (Please excuse the image quality). Coming from Australia, it takes a lot to impress us when it comes to beaches – and the brown-grey sand of Iquique’s beaches didn’t really look that inviting. Located in northern Chile, the Atacama Desert is famous for being one of the driest places in the entire world. They have to be kept in the dark and climatised, so they are behind thick glass; flash photography is obviously not allowed. We recommend a visit to this World Heritage site, which clearly exhibits the Industrial Heritage of Chile. We are travelling around the Pacific Ring of Fire by bicycle with kids:, Safe travels! Places to Visit in Chile, South America: See Tripadvisor's 6,69,664 traveller reviews and photos of Chile tourist attractions. The few hotel and restaurant listings are in a separate section. Visit San Pedro de Atacama and explore its singular landscapes, quite unlike anywhere else on earth. Iquique is also a great place to just relax and spend some time on the beach at one of … This desert located in Northern Chile is known for being the driest place on Earth, NASA reports say. Gustavo Le Paige Archaeological Museum is a good place to start time in San Pedro de Atacama, as a visit here serves as a low-stress activity while you grow accustomed to the area's altitude and extreme dryness. The optimal times to visit Chile are March through May and then in the autumn months. Another amazing place and one of the best tourist destinations in Chile to vacation is Pucon, a renowned international tourist center on the shores of Lago Villarrica. 9 Impressions from the Road in the Last Year, 2016: our Year of South American Travel in Review. Rio Lluta is the most northerly river in Chile to flow from the Andes to the ocean. There is so much to see in Chile – from Patagonia in the south, right up to this most Northerly Part of Chile. Humberstone WHS: a row of workers’ cottages with some old machinery in front. Our post summarises all the basic practical information you need to know before overlanding in Peru. Thank you for your comment. These resources are now being used for beautifying the city, conserving local heritage, and generally making their city a tourist destination of some note. Iquique, and the inland desert, also provide many more north Chile attractions. 4# Iquique This lovely shoreline and gambling club town offers a dynamic promenade and perfect nineteenth century Georgian design like the Aztoreca Palace. On our Facebook Page you can also keep up with where we are and see the latest photos from our journey. So, don’t miss to add in your list as it one of the best places to visit in Chile. Chile Travel Guide: 10 Best Places to Visit in Chile List of Best Places to Visit in Chile: 1. This museum is owned and operated by the University of Tarapaca. They are now attracting cruise ships, the number visiting increasing each year. But the Chinchorro mummy museum offers a number of other exhibits, like these fishing hooks, and many informative signs (so far only in Spanish – lets hope this will change once UNESCO World Heritage Status is granted). There are 8 circuits in 4 regions making up this desert route in northern Chile. That’s why we have have spent more than 4 years here altogether, and probably will need one more…, Very interesting post. There are a variety of things to do in Arica including nature, ancient history, a surprising valley oasis, and modern shopping and restaurants. Iquique and Arica are the most important cities in northern Chile. And, he always had a story to go with them. Discover the History of Iquique in its City Centre. Your email address will not be published. The Azapa Valley is a surprising oasis of green in the apparantly inhospitable Atacama Desert. It has hot springs where you can soak yourself after a long day. The city’s icon, Morro Rock, looms over it. They have been re-introduced into several protected areas to try to keep them from extinction. This not a frequented area so it is not congested. Find out more Islands and fjords of southern Patagonia. It has attractive wooden buildings, which were probably residences of those who got very rich during the nitrate mining boom. Chile, as almost all of South America, is still very much an undiscovered country with many attractive destinations. When the sun’s shining the beaches of Iquique are really busy. We're talking huge, hollow and nearly all left waves of board-breaking variety, especially in July and August when hard-core surfers storm the coast. If you are up for an adventure there are many ruins out in the desert, as well as natural hot springs. Parts of the Ruta Del Desierto are unpaved, but mostly in good to very good condition. Watching the sunset in Valle de La Luna, I felt like I was on another planet. Glad you’re inspired. Surfers come in droves year-round for the consistent swell and a string of perfect gnarly reef breaks that break close to the desert shore. The Ruta Del Desierto runs through the mountains of the Atacama Desert. flickr/Antifama. La Serena is counted in one of the best cities to visit in Chile, the capital of its region in the north and is a charming place to spend some time, the second oldest city in Chile. 8 Incredible Places to Visit in Chile For Your Next Adventure. Daniel, at the tourist office in Arica, spoke excellent English. We loved Arica and want to encourage others to spend some time there. The Reserva Nacional Pampa del Tamarugal is one of them. The local police were causing problems for campers at Elea Beach, so we decided it was best to move on. The bird life at Rio Lluta is what I’d definitely do. Superlatives to discover in Sussex: the largest Roman-style Villa in Great Britain with the oldest collection of mosaics and the first formal Roman garden. One of the beautiful old timber houses in the centre of Iquique. Here is a look at some of the best places to visit in Chile: 10. Another example is the area around Santiago, which we described here, Your email address will not be published. Torres del Paine, 3. Paseo 21 de Mayo is an extensive pedestrian zone with all the shops you could need. All this information would make a good blog post itself. Iquique is the Monte Carlo of Chile and has a lot to offer for any individual who cherishes free-lively fun. Some of the caves have new stairs leading into them. Coincidentally, we arrived on the evening of November 19, 2016. Northern Chile has been thriving on the mining industry since the middle of the 19th century. It all looks like this was later the site of another saltpeter mining enterprise. Once you are this far North in Chile you will probably visit. We drove a few kilometres off the highway to the site, looking for an to overnight parking place. By now the cathedral should be open in freshly renovated shine and glory…, One of the shaded side lanes in Arica, with one restaurant next to the other…. This big hill in the middle of the city features one of the most incredible Santiago panoramas available. With views that are reminiscent of a scene out of a sci-fi film, this beautiful landscape can be... Santiago. It houses a casino. Hi! The R.P. Scorpion Island (named after it’s History and formation) where you can find countless shells and variety of sea life especially during low tide. It has fascinating landscapes that contain a mixture of sand and lava and salt lakes. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. Join our mailing list and receive an email when something important is happening at! According to Daniel, there is an application in to make this museum a UNESCO World Heritage site . The mainland coast of Greece has many picturesque towns you should visit by car or motorhome. We had photographed it from a distance in 2008, but this time we were determined to visit . We drive and live in our self-built overland camper, called ["Berta"] "Bertita" (little Berta since 2018 in Europe). In this post I explain how we dealt with this utter nuisance. Set on a high plateau in the Andes, you’ll find salt flats, geyser, hot springs, and salt flats here. The North of Chile appears all barren but there is – surprisingly – a lot to see. "25 Best Places to Visit in Chile for Locals & Tourists - Restaurants, Hotels" Back to Top or Beautiful places near me, what to do, ... Iquique, located in Northern Chile, is known for being one of the best beach resort areas in the country, with numerous pristine sandy beaches. Oliver, Elena, Jakob and Arthur, We were only for a day back in Arica – in order to renew our visa for Peru. Tags: Atacamabird watchingdesertindustrial heritageminingMountainsmuseumNational ParkUNESCO World Heritagewetlands. In April we asked overland travellers about the challenges they faced due to COVID-19 restrictions. These towns are cheaper to reach than the famous Greek islands. We have reviews of the best places to see in Chile. All Regions Asia Australia & South Pacific Caribbean & Atlantic Central & South America Europe. One of the best places to visit in Chile is the Cerro San Cristóbal. With so much to see and do it's hard to know where to start. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a4c715b214c1574921ead90c3e1e8bc8" );document.getElementById("e2d3333da5").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); "Keep up with Joneses" - sign up for our newsletter! San Pedro de Atacama is a small town in Northern Chile that is located smack-dab in the middle of the desert. There will be more great content like this! Great article and amazing tips! This valley produces fruit and vegetables for local consumption as well as further afield. Korça is an undiscovered gem of Albania. This volcanic island, isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, is best known for the enigmatic stone heads dotted across its grassy plains and white-sand coves. The country also has a well-known wine region that attracts many oenophiles each year. I’m sure there had been commemorations during the day, but there was no remaining evidence. Northern Chile’s clear skies, along with the high-altitude vantage points provided by the Atacama Desert, have made the country a popular star-gazing spot. twitter facebook instagrame. The battle site of Dolores is surrounded by crumbling mud brick ruins. Register. Bolivia, in particular, still mourns the loss of its ocean access (and maintains a navy to this day). Iquique, Chile. The history was so connected in my mind with my Dad, who I lost earlier that year. Chile is a country you can spend a lot of time in – and you will see a lot of different things. I’ve always wanted to go to South America, and I am dreaming about Patagonia, but I guess I’ll have to check out northern Chile as well. Image Credit. La Serena. Travel north-west for 300 miles (485 km) and arrive at the coastal city of Iquique – another hot destination for every northern Chile itinerary. We drove Circuito de Las Quebradas in the region of Tarapaca. The ‘El Morro’ rock sits right in the centre of Arica – next to the plaza and opposite the harbour. The sea gulls have to step back into second row. This northern Chilean town is the second oldest in the nation. Now the area is a bird sanctuary, and the recently constructed ocean walk makes it a pleasant place to spend some time. A simple, but beautiful old adobe church in the small Andean town of Cariquima. Do not copy parts of this website without our written permission! When we decided to leave Bolivia , the most northerly part of Chile was the closest and lowest place to go. Its waters are famous for having some of the best surf in the world. They claim more than 10,000 years of history is represented here . Places to visit in Chile Discover our guide to the most exciting, memorable and inspiring places to visit. The Lluta River, along with the Loa River between the regions of Tarapaca and Antofagasta, are the only ones on the coast of northern Chile that run all year round. Middle East & Africa North America Mexico USA Canada. It started with saltpetre which came to an abrupt end at the beginning of the 20th century when the synthetic production of nitrates was invented. Here are 10 things you can do in this most northerly part of Chile. This region of northern Chile is a place full of magic, wonder, and photos just waiting to be taken. The main square in the old part of Iquique. In 2015 and 2016 it underwent extensive renovations, hence our photo is from 2008. To help you make this tricky decision here are some of Chile's top spots. This is a very well compiled list. This site, of course, portrays everything from the view of the victorious Chilean side. The ancient city of Butrint is a World Heritage Site in the south of Albania, where you can explore a history going back more than two-thousand years. But the city’s shoreline has been made into an attractive area for residents and visitors alike. Keep Reading: Chile & Patagonia: When’s the Best Time to Visit? Best places to visit in Chile. El Morado Glacier Trek Want to see glaciers up closer? In 2008, we visited Arica and Iquique, but hadn’t been back during our current trip. Besides, there is Pucon Ski Center, 20 minutes from the city, nestled on the slopes of Volcan Villarrica, one of the most beautiful places … Iquique sits right on the Pacific coast, and is known for the surf, paragliding, bodyboarding, and its laid back atmosphere. Besides being the perfect place to spend the night (we actually stayed for 2), we also found the site itself quite interesting. Why not Visit the 9 World Heritage Sites of Morocco? Our ultimate street art gallery from Colombia with photos taken in Medellin and Cartagena. Along the valley you will also find more geoglyphs, often quite hidden behind huge hot houses. It has lots of great colonial and neo-colonial architecture as well as old stone churches, leafy boulevards and has a lovely long beach lining the ocean. But the most northerly part of Chile is much more than just the Atacama Desert. You can read more on our "About Us" page. Drive up the side of a sand dune, from sea level to over 500 metres above. Easter Island, 2. (What a nightmare it was: worse border crossing in South America! (We posted more photos in our post ‘6 Places & Experiences we didn’t write about in 2016’). Lakes filled with Flamingos, fields filled with wild llama and emu, and mountains that reveal a spectacular contrast between snow capped and marble sand. I’ve not yet been to Chile, but will definitely take in the north when I visit as you’ve made it look very tempting! There are a lot of interesting places to visit, all over Chile. A tiny town in northern Chile, San Pedro De Atacama is a Spanish colonial town surrounded by the driest desert in the world. We found it a pleasant city to just wander through, finding interesting things to see along the way. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. As you drop below 3000m all of this disappears and the scenery is interesting only for its nothingness. We are busy planning September and October in Bulgaria, so our trusted guidebook is out almost every day. One of the most amazing experiences in Iquique is to be had just driving into the city from Ruta 5. The other countries in South America are the same. Some of them are badly in need of renovation. All books are well organised and informative, with attractive photos and plans. It is almost squeezed against the Pacific on one side and the mountains on the other. I read that this year UV radiation is extreme… About 70Km after the Humberstone site we started to see some green ahead. A small but most interesting shell museum. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in December. In Arica, you can also go rock climbing, parasailing, Kite Surfing, Surf & Swim year around, visit the humming bird Sanctuary that is Alice in wonderland like, with it’s variety of plants, animals, birds, and numerous humming birds. It was a good place to stop – quiet, no light except thousands of stars, lots of rocks and some rather shrubby trees. I recommend visiting the country. I loved to wander the streets of this colorful port city which is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage. You have to drop around 500m in altitude from the coastal mountains to the city. Top Places to Go in 2019. ), Enjoy your trip and be CAREFUL with the sun! The northern port town of Arica benefits from year-round sunshine and a relaxed pace of life that befits its seaside setting and contributes to its name as the ‘City of Eternal Spring.’ Locals and visitors mill around its center in flip-flops before heading on foot to the various surrounding beaches for surf and sunbathing. Lluta River Wetlands in Arica: this ‘cloud’ is only PART of a flock of sea gulls! The Lluta River Wetland is an extremely important habitat in arid Northern Chile. The trees are an endangered species indigenous to the area – prosopis tamarugo. I confess – we didn’t. Hit the potent tubes in northern Chile's duo of surf capitals, Iquique and Arica. A 12Km drive from Arica, along the Azapa Valley will bring you to the San Miguel de Azapa Archaeological Museum. Thank you for all the information shared here and congratulations on your blog! Good choice – but you can do it all if you have some time… The 15 Best Destinations to Visit in Chile in 2018 Torres del Paine National Park. It gives an incredible view of the area, if you have the energy to climb it. The Atacama Desert is the driest desert in... 2) Valparaiso. We love sharing our impressions and knowledge gained along the way. 30 stunning murals, from nearly monochrome to really colourful. Our followers will know that we swear by the DK Eyewitness Travel Guides . Now we are relying on the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide BULGARIA to plan what we want to see in Bulgaria. This hill is considered one of the top tourist attractions in Chile. This large estuary provides important habitat for multitudes of water birds, some of which are migratory birds, who use it as a resting stop. 1. The Morro displays the Chilean Flag and is home to a military museum and a amazing view of the ocean and city. In an earth quake in 2014 this road slid down the steep hillside. It boasts a city full of lovely architecture and a … The fact that the mountain side you are driving down looks like it might be a sand dune doesn’t instill much confidence. Required fields are marked *. Again, we find this a very good resource to research all sights in this country. This site remembers a famous battle of the War of the Pacific (1879 to 1883), involving Chile, Peru and Bolivia, on November 19, 1879. From the arid Atacama desert to the snow-clad Patagonia mountains, from the beautiful street art of Valparaiso to the mysterious statues of Easter Island, here are some of the best places to visit in Chile. A very small part of the gigantic sand dune which lays below an even taller one, where the road climbs up. When I arrived, I just couldn’t believe the variety of landscapes. We have reviews of the best places to see in Chile. The original olive trees were planted some 400 years ago. This made Iquique the laughing stock of all of Chile. Gigante de Atacama, just 12 Kilometres from Huara, and other geoglyphs along the way. There is a motor cycle track, where people ride up the sand duns as well. Frommer's reviews the best attractions in Northern Chile, and our free guide tells what to see and the can't-miss things to do. With... San Pedro de Atacama. It’s an interesting historical site and quite well done. He explained to us that, since the creation of the 15th Region of Chile (Arica and Parinacota) in 2007, the city has had more resources available. It has more than 20,000 archaeological pieces, including a large collection of Chinchorro mummies. In every direction there is just greyish-brown desert, sometimes with rocks strewn about, and no sign of any plant life.

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